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Gramma Schoene's Awesome Sauce

Total "Awesomeness"

Continuing the family tradition...

Where Did We Start?

Gramma Schoene (a.k.a. Leona, or my mother-in-law) has been canning “Awesome Sauce” for as long as I can remember, and the recipe came from her mother-in-law who had been making it as long as my father-in-law could remember (he was born in 1935). 

The family called it “chili sauce” but I learned early on, the hard way, it does not go in chili. This was way too confusing so I changed the name to “Awesome Sauce”…because it makes everything taste awesome. 

How Did We Get Here?

Leona and I have been canning Awesome Sauce together in our kitchens since the late 1980’s.  Friends and family kept asking to buy it from me…so here we are!!!  

Let’s Talk Sauce!

Awesome Sauce is “small-batch” processed in a local commercial kitchen (Ozark Pickle Pantry).  We manually jar Awesome Sauce directly from the kettle.  The consistency (texture) may vary from jar to jar, but the flavor remains the same.

The Awesome Sauce has a bold and hearty flavor.  We recommend using a pint of sauce to flavor 1-2 pounds of meat.  Adjust the amount of sauce to meat ratio to adjust the strength/flavor; adjust the amount of water to reach the desired consistency.   

Recipes and Uses

Gramma Schoene’s Awesome Sauce is used primarily to make “totally awesome” sloppy joes.  But it is very versatile and can be used with shredded chicken, on scrambled eggs, as a dip with cream cheese and crackers...the uses are unlimited to “awesome up” your meals.  Just experiment with it, and if you come up with a new awesome recipe, email it to us at so we can try it out. 

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