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Mama Schoene's Salsa

Bet you can't eat just one.... jar.

Continuing the family tradition...

Where Did We Start?

I have been making salsa for years with my Mother-in-Law, Leona.  We started canning it from tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos grown in my garden, making “gallon” batches, one or two at a time.   Our whole family loved it, and so did many of our friends.  It was super labor-intensive, and a sought-after commodity.  People would ask to buy it, but there was no way I was going to sell it as long as it took to make (I would give it away on special occasions instead).

After several years my friend who owns the Ozark Pickle Pantry suggested, I bring my home grown produce to her kitchen where I could make 20-25 gallon batches.  This was so much easier, but still super labor-intensive.  Hard enough I was still not willing to make it to sell.

How Did We Get Here?

​I have been asked over and over again for my homemade salsa.  My son had college friends who would hide the salsa I gave them so they wouldn't have to share!  So after we got the Awesome Sauce up and running commercially, I decided it was time to adapt my recipe using products readily available on the market and move forward with a commercial salsa product as well.  

Let’s Talk Salsa!

Mama Schoene’s Salsa has a layering of flavors.  You get the sweet first, then the heat kicks in.  It isn’t a super-hot salsa, but has a little kick.  Not going to lie, it is also somewhat addictive…you look up and half the jar may be gone.

Mama Schoene’s Salsa is “small-batch” processed in a local commercial kitchen (Ozark Pickle Pantry).  We manually jar Mama Schoene’s Salsa directly from the kettle.  Because of this process, the consistency (thickness) may vary from jar to jar, but the flavor remains the same throughout.

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